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Wholesale disposable underpads from Care-De

Notícia publicada em: 8 de setembro de 2016

The Care-De disposable underpads have excellent absorbency, comfort and moisture control. It provides multiple absorption levels. As you know, Care-De is a professional Disposable Underpad Manufacturer in China. We can provide you with high-quality products and lower prices. If you are a disposable underpads distributor or retailer and would like to buy in bulk, please contact us immediately. Our Email: sales@czcarede.com

With Care-De Disposable Underpads, discreet and stylish incontinence protection is brought home to prevent overnight spills. You know that Care-De disposable bed pads have a non-slip backing to help them stay in place. The underpad is thicker compared to leading bargain brands and super absorbent. Tri-layer protection is a soft, comfortable non-woven fabric that helps catch leaks and odors. Our Incontinence bed pads have designer imprints that fit directly into your home decor. These disposable underpads are made of high-quality materials to help you rest easy without having to worry about leaking overnight. It is important that Care-De incontinence products are free of latex, lotions, and fragrances.

When choosing the Disposable Underpads For Adults, it is necessary to check the different components of each underpad: absorbency, backplane material, and size. Depending on your needs and these factors, the price of reusable pads will vary. By examining the following features, you will be able to determine which pads are suitable for effectively meeting specific incontinence needs. I must say that these are the most suitable incontinence underpads for patients.

It relates to the volume that the backing plate can effectively hold. What physically absorbs moisture and liquids is an “absorbent polymer”. More polymer and its density will have a significant impact on the absorption of the pad, as it will be able to safely hold more urine. However, please do not confuse the absorption capacity with the size of the cushion. Larger pads are not always associated with more absorption.

When determining the required level of absorption, it is best to consider the amount and flow rate that will fall on the single-use underpad. For example, a small animal may produce a small amount of urine and have a low flow rate, so the light-absorbing pad can be successfully used. However, children who train their potty are likely to produce higher urine volumes and faster flow rates and therefore need more absorbent pads. Adults with incontinence may produce the largest amount of urine and have the fastest flow rate. But don’t worry, because Disposable Underpads Factory already takes this into account.

However, if the person wears an adult diaper and changes it frequently, certain determinants may make adults use less absorbent pads. However, please be aware that if you use the Disposable Absorbent Underpads that is not enough, do not spread multiple mattresses in multiple layers as this may cause problems and cause leakage. The most effective and effective solution is to use the right absorption level according to your needs. If in doubt, you can ask the supplier of the disposable pad.

You will see that our products are available in different sizes and colors. These disposable underpads for hospitals, nursing homes or baby caring are great. Now, you can Wholesale Disposable Underpads Online at a lower price. We will give you the best price.

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